IRELAND by Drone | DJI Phantom 4


We have finally being able to use the Phantom 4 in Ireland. It is by far the most beautiful country in the World! Shot with DJI Phantom 4, edited with FCPX Contact …


  1. Hello there! I'm making a non-profit film based off of the Legend of Zelda video game series. Your footage fits perfectly with a lot of our scenes. Is there any way we could get permission to use it in our film? you would get full credit of course.

  2. Wonderful video my friend, congratulations.
    I have a Channel intended for the community of Drone Videos lovers, the creation of the Channel is to have a collection of videos from all over the world, showing the beauty of this world and of course the Passion for flying with our Drone and meet other professionals and exchange experiences.

    I would like your permission to share your video on this Channel containing all of your information in the description of the video to your Channel so that you can advertise your video and your Channel to have more views and subscribers.

    I hope to hear from you soon an answer and to have you along with us in this community.

    Thank you and success!g



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