Introducing Skydio R1: The Self-Flying Camera has Arrived


Skydio R1 knows what to film and moves itself with the freedom of flight to get the best shot, letting you capture otherwise impossible videos of your adventures.


  1. Do you where a tracker device on you so that it follows you like a tracking device so it locates you. I guess what I'm trying to say is does it have a remote also. maybe with more options like optometrist or Orbitz a round you.? Thanks that awesome.

  2. What's all the gymnastics got to do with it? The speeded up shots don't get the message across either. The run through the trees on the Adam Savage channel is MUCH more impressive. Watch that one folks. BobUK.

  3. Your drone is just incredible. I have the mavic pro… and the only thing I regret on your sdrone is that it's fully automated, there's no controller, not easy to take precise videos manually. But your drone's obstacle avoidance is miles away better from my mavic's pro (I crashed it many times, even in simple follow me with trees on the right… visible @ 1:17min here : obstacle avoidance isn't really very good on mavic. On yours I'm impressed (I saw some videos, especially on Eugene's channel : this should be your best commercial ad lol). I think I'll buy one of yours drone in few months, but if you get out a controller.

  4. This video demonstrates one of the subtler ways Silicon Valley is out of touch with ordinary tech consumers. No one thinks the proliferation of technology that could easily be tweaked to hunt humans is worth cool aerial vids….

  5. If the key feature of this drone is that it can auto navigate around and between branches and other (very cool by the way) then the editing is absolutely terrible. I wanted to see it gliding around and doing exactly that, not have the editing jerk the speed up and down so it's disorienting and difficult to see it performing the feature that is the biggest selling factor.


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