Internet connected drone and video streaming over 4G using Raspberry Pi 3


A quick flight demo of a custom built quadcopter. The flightcontroller is a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Navio 2 hat for sensors. Its running the Linux version of …


  1. This is pretty cool, I think 4g will become a standard backup on more expensive drones, otherwise you're solely at the be mercy of recovering it after a crash or the return home function which will fail if wind currents are too strong

  2. Hi. First of all WOW !!!! I am impressed by the low latency and good quality of your video. I build my own quad with raspb and pixhawk that I control also over 4g but for the video I don't find a good solution with raspivid and gstreamer : poor quality and big latency… I had to put in place a local vpn with openvpn because the 4g provider block all ports but the video is unusable. COULD YOU HELP me so how please ?

  3. Hi! Sir, First of all I'd like to congratulate you! You're very skilled!!, I'd like to know, if there 's any way that I can get one built for me? I really want one, but I'm not a genius like you, and I don't have the skills nor the knowledge go get one built and programed by myself 🙁 where can I email you, I'm really interested

  4. The Edge by Emlid should be released in November 2017. Advanced drone controller with
    HDMI video input and 5.8 GHz data link. Puts the E back in EASY, right?

  5. This is great. I would like to learn this. Where did you learn about this, the Emlid website? I really would like a drone like this. Nicely done. I'm impressed.

  6. hey! I also want to use the gamepad, but I am having difficulties in connecting mission planner and my APM 2.8 via Bluetooth. I am using a HC-06 Bluetooth module. Can you give your contact details or can just help me out here? Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

  7. Hi Mr Gulbrandsen, Have you tested the range on this? Also could you use two different networks and join them together using public IP? I want to build a drone that goes to moving objects (Cadet unit) and takes a photo. We already receive longitude and latitude data from GPS units with the unit and I want to program a drone to go and take pictures of them autonomously. This is up to 13km away from the base station. Thanks, Evan

  8. Hello, what router are you using, on your thread you said you're using a Huawei e8278, that's a dongle? Is the dongle connected to a router? How comes you can't use DDNS as opposed to static IP?

  9. Ole

    I've built many quadcopters and few octocopters and now I would like to get a 4g connection to control a 20 kg octocopter.
    I would need to have a cors connection for RTK GNSS, RC control, telemetry and video.
    Are you using a cors data for your copter?


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