INSTANTLY improve your DRONE landscape photography | DJI mavic


In this video I share some awesome tips and techniques as a landscape photographer to get better shots with your drone. The DJI Mavic is an awesome drone …


  1. Hi Nigel… I am very happy your video popped out of nowhere… you have brilliant eye and I found so many similarities in your style comparing to mine.. lol.. meaning I understand completely what you are talking about. I have very similar view. I just few my spark first time ever… and I am now totally hooked. I want to try more photography with it… after 13 years taking of photos on the ground it is time to take it to new levels.. heights… :):):) keep up the great works. Your photos are STUNNING..

  2. Question: Do you use an ND filter when you shoot photos? Without an ND I'm shooting 1/1000 shutter at f4.5 on my Mavic 2 Pro. I'm a videographer, not a photographer, so I'm not sure if 1/1000 shutter is bad form or not. Thanks

  3. As a new drone pilot/photographer I appreciate your insights on the technical side of the photos. I look forward to getting a better handle on the camera settings for my Mavic Pro Platinum. It took sharp pictures right out of the box and naturally I went to YouTube to get suggested settings and now get real soft out of focus photos. I need to get back to a factory setting and just play with composition and using the natural light for enhancements. I look forward to learning from what you have to share.

  4. Spot on with everything you said. Especially about stumbling on something great you would of never seen from the ground, that has happened to me a lot with the mavic

  5. Nice video buddy, just found you tonight. Lost my mavic pro in the sea 5 days ago. So gutted but from seeing this video am feeling ill now do something with my existing shots and try get some money together to continue on dji. So gutted, these drones are like hover boards to my elder sister to me. We are so fortunate to be allowed to explore with these devices.

  6. Wow, very informative! You are a good story teller and I love the detailed advice give you for the settings in the drone and how to tweak things in Lightroom. Excellent! The photos are beautifully merged into the video. I am now going to try out drone landscape photography!


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