Insta360 One X Beginners Guide | Camera & App Tutorial


Insta360 One X (Amazon) Insta360 One X (Website): Here is my beginners guide for the Insta360 One X. If you are …


  1. Hi! this was a really great intro for me. Do you know if the split screen for video may also be done horizontally like one of the photo options you showed towards the last part?For my research, I want to show people around the dining table in two 180 degree frames on top of each other. Hope this is possible with insta360 one x? Is this a software feature exclusive to phones and mobiles and not in the desktop software?

  2. Hey – what I cant find is a video explaining how to create a number of different clips and then combine them all into the one video??!! Do you have a video showing this?

  3. Great instructional video your cadence is spot on and a great voice too. I'm just in the process of shopping for a 360 camera I think you helped me make up my mind, thank you

  4. Is your tablet a regular tablet without cell service ? Insta support told me the app does not work Android tablets, they only tested with Cell phones. What brand of tablet do you have ? Just curious.
    I want to buy one but am afraid it may not work on a regular Samsung Tab A tablet. What are your thoughts ?

  5. I need to get an Ipad just to use for editing the 360 but i dont want to spend a lot of money so what would be lowest priced model i could get that will run this app.Thanks.

  6. I just got really excited at 23:03. Thanks for the easy to understand video. I just ordered my camera and want to understand how to use it and make great videos so I’ll be watching this one a few times.


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