Insta360 Camera on Phantom 4 Drone


Insta360 One Camera Pricing & Specs: Lume Cube Mount for DJI Phantom 4: The Insta360 One Camera is a …


  1. Nice video guys, What is the best drone option to use with the Insta360 Pro? And what about the stabilization? Because vibration is a big issue in the footage.

  2. 12 minutes in, youโ€™re at my old middle
    School. I did outdoor sports a rev class right there where those benches now are. !! I just got a insta, this is a great vid! Oh… can I borrow your lime cube mount? Lol

  3. Hi Kelly great video. But vibration is the big enemy here and the 360 may well take another dive. Try a 1/4" spring washer on the thread. Those round circle ones with radial things pointing into the middle. That will add a small amount of force between the 360 and the lume cube bracket and prevent the 360 from shaking loose and taking another dive. Awesome pics of the P4P in flight mate. Cheers

  4. What an interesting perspective the Insta360 gives you. Having a chase camera was pretty cool. Glad you found it after it fell off. I cant believe you found the micro SD card. That's like a needle in a haystack. Good thing it landed on the concrete. An SD card in grass would have probably been a loss. Pretty cool Kelly

  5. Hi, ive got a syma x5c-1and have sort of mastered it. I want a new drone that is a mix of both worlds; fpv racing and photography. I have a budget at around $300, anybody got any clues of what I should get?

  6. Nice demo. I have seen others that have done this with 2 MiSphere 360 cameras.. One on top and one on bottom. They then spliced them together at Nadar points which made the drone completely disappear. It was pretty wild. I have a MiSphere and a GoPro Fusion, but have yet to put them on my drone. I like the Insta360 for itโ€™s software capabilities, but just never could get myself to like the video quality. It definitely is a good form factor for this though. Favorite 360 vid camera under $1000 is the Fusion for sure, but that $299 MiSphere/Madventure produces better 360 video and still images than the Insta360 IMO. Not certain that either would survive that fall though.. LOL. Thanks for sharing!


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