Inguity HD Camera Drone


Ingenious Ingenuitys new Inguity HD Camera Drone has a 300 ft. range and flies through the air like butter. 2 different rates and a cheater button to pull off 360 …


  1. I can do sooooo much with 7 min of flight 300 ft. maybe I can actually go to my backyard and the battery will die. and ill have to get 5 things just to run it again and take a pixely photo of grass.

  2. hey man, great vid thanks! question: would it be possible to use my own gopro instead of the 'built in' camera? i want to buy someone a gift and there is an ediotion with and an edition without the camera.

  3. bom dia meu nome é Giovanni sou de são paulo , Brasil  ficou muito bom seu video só tem um porem nao sei falar ingles tem como voce me ajudar tenho um Dm 007 igual ao seu e gostaria que voce me ajuda-se , como utilizar o controle remoto do Dm 007 e tambem como faço para ligar a camera dele e como faço para ele gravar videos por favor me ajuda muito obrigado. Good morning my name is Giovanni 'm from the city sao paulo in Brazil was very good video to Your HAS A problem not know English TALK HAS How do you help me I hum Dm 007 equal When Your What would you me -If Help , How to Use Remote control to Dm 007 and also How do I use and Connecting the camera and the DM007 How do I record videos please help me thank you .

  4. I assume the few seconds of POV footage of the trees is actual footage from the built-in camera? If so, it looks nauseating. I realize for $100 you should not expect GoPro/ Phantom/ Sony Action Cam quality footage, but I would not waste my money if that is how unstable the video is.

  5. I'm curious if it takes decent still shots enough to look good on a PC screen. Also, I wonder if a small piece of velcro would let me temporarily mount the camera pointing downward to look inside of chimneys. I would only be flying it at very slow speed an no higher than an average house.

  6. This is another one of those pork & beans quads that distributors simply slap their own label on a box and call it whatever they want. This model is also called the NightHawk DM007.


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