Inception Style Drone Pictures (Flatland Tutorial)


Today I want to show you how to do inception style drone pictures with this flatland tutorial. Essentially, we’re trying to get that Inception effect like in the movie.


  1. I'd suggest working non destructively. Which means using layer masks and adjustment layers. These apply effects/ show and hide parts o the layer. So it's adjustable through out the whole process. Incase you screw something up and want to go back. Great tutorial!

  2. I have just been trying this but got completely stuck. I created a blank canvas at the size you said. Then copied each image to the blank canvas (more than 4, about 6 images). After that I saw that you went to create smart image or something. I can't get them to show up on the canvas as 6 photos I can move around. All. I see is part of one photo that is massive and can't be moved.

    Any ideas? Cheers


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