Improving your Phantom 3 and drone videos in edit – guide for non-editors!


A simple beginner guide to editing the aerial footage you shoot in manual to get the (better) final look you want. For this follow-up to the guide to manual camera …


  1. Hi Simon, I produce films for the 1080p is the format I will end up with. I bought a P3 2.7k and a lot of guys seem to recommend setting it on 2.7k. If I set it to 1080p then final cut has a much easier time processing the footage and I don't really see the difference. Do you have a recommendation on this setting for shooting video with a Phantom? Thx JF

  2. i have the phantom 4 shooting 4k i uploaded into premier cs6 and my videos are choppy,when I'm playing the videos just off quicktime running normal and fine high resolution and everything..
    what am i doing wrong>>>???

  3. I wonder if you (or anyone else) might suggest a good Mac version of editing software for my P3A footage. I'm not a fan of charging up the whole system and connecting the RC & craft to cut tidbits to produce only for social media options (not even youtube (?).

  4. Good video of the basic color tweaks that bring out the best in our Phantoms. I have both Adobe PP (Cloud) and Power Director 14 and found that Power Director 14 is the easiest to use and has most all functionality of Adobe PP in a much friendlier format. However, I found that you need a beefy PC to run Power Director. I just upgraded to a hex-core 3.3ghz CPU, 32g ram machine with the Nvidia GTX970 graphics card, 512GB SSD C drive for running just software (no files or data — makes the software run quite nice), 2 3TB standard hard drives to manage the raw videos themselves (primary and backup mirror) and, finally, another external 512GB SSD drive used as a work drive to manage the Power Director PDS work files as the videos are being edited and produced. When finished, I pack and move the work file contents to their final resting point on the PC's secondary hard drive. This configuration runs great for this purpose — especially for handling those huge files (4k and 1080p @ 60fps) and especially when you distribute files across different drives as I've found that disk i/o issues are second only to CPU processing power.


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