Impressive Beginner Camera Drone – LiDiRC L15W 4CH WiFi FPV Quadcopter – TheRcSaylors


Check this Drone out here – If you are looking for a very easy to fly camera drone with many of the features that the others have, then you …


  1. Hi RcSaylors .. Does this thing can bind (does it support bnf) to flysky fsi6 . I got my from ebay LiDiRC L15FW but still waiting to get it as i live in EU and its shipped from china.. Also my first quad to start with …. thx.

  2. I brought one of these. Mine dose not have attitude hold auto take off/landing which I didn't realise when I brought it, that's ok I got it cheap my concern is there seems to be no low battery warning. The manual says both red and green start flashing when low. As opposed to red always on an green flashing during normal flight but mine does no such thing. The red dose not flash until after it had lost power and falls out of the sky, then the green light turns off and the red flashes, then both lights will be flashing fast. Anyone else have/ had this problem?

  3. My throttle control is not spring loaded,do I have a problem,I had mine a while haven't got to fly it yet ,I trying to learn on the small ones first ,please let me no do they make altitude hold that aren't spring loaded throttles,my little altitude hold copters are both spring loaded,you the experts

  4. I bought this one because of your reviews ,haven't flown it get,question ,I thought all altitude hold transmitters,the throttle would spring back to the center,mine doesn't,is it still a altitude hold quad,my book says it other altitude hold quads have a spring in the throttle,anyone

  5. Hi TheRcSaylors,
    Two questions for you about this drone.
    1. Is it suitable for indoor use or would you only recommend it for outdoor use?
    2. Is it as loud in person as it sounds in the video (it sounds really loud)?


  6. I bought this because I liked your review so much,I am a beginner in every sense of the word I also bought the eachine eo10 ,to learn how to fly the cheaper one first,I hope that's a good Idea, I hope this week ,I will get a chance to make a fool of myself,I also ordered the nano to fly indoors when it gets here,another one of your great reviews,thanks ,


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