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Buy it here: The SJRC F11 is a very impressive GPS camera drone under $150 that is packed full of features like the ability to fold …


  1. Hey guys,love your vids!!!im new to drones but already purchased a SJRC S70W as per your recommendation.i am now also looking at getting this SJRC F11 but the pro version that has a 2K Camera and the Battle Shark.Your Info is great on all you reviews etc.

    I have picked up some info from a friend of mine regarding the SJRC products and the FPV feed that stops at X Range.To extend your FPV range on most SJRC drones you need to fly 10meters Higher for every 100meters you fly out.

    So 0-100m @ 10-20m
    200-300m @ 30-40m
    400-500m @ 50-60m
    500-600m @ 60-80m

    Now this works for him and ive seen his SJRC F11 go nearly 700m with perfect FPV(No mods etc.)

    I would love for you to test this out and share it with all your Subs.

    Keep up the good work
    Greetings from South Africa

  2. The only time I use gester mode is when I try it to see if it works. I think this was one of the first in the New category 100-200$ price point that works ! Most of the thing that never worked in the past budget drone. There getting better
    Hope my comment didn't bother the Saylers I think I got flagged for BRAND BASHING ON THE SUB PAIR FLAXXAS CRAWLER
    I do Apologize for comment made recently . I in no way want to bring dramatic ,well negative impact on this channel. I was just so excited to see The High Doller Brand RC do poorly! Maybe you can only praise them on Utube to speak about them. And I probably got carried away so to all Involved I ment what I said.I should not have spoken so freely . My apologies to Nate,Abby,Amelia and Popie . That's not my mission if I can't help I will not hurt

  3. So I purchased this drone and the Drone itself Works amazing but it constantly disconnects from my Samsung s8. I know you guys used an iPhone for this video and it worked fine maybe you guys could come back and try it again on Android and see if you guys get connection dropouts too the phone also tells me internet may not be available so that's what makes me think my phone is causing this I believe the phone is just disconnecting its self but any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Also keep up the amazing videos!!

  4. Hi enjoyed the video bought the drone but I am having an issue with trying to play the MP4 videos I tried several MP4 players with no luck, any help would be appreciated thank you

  5. Awesome review folks. I loved your little drama multi tasking Pop-eye and the baby + camera task trade off. Gee Real Life. This review was what I was looking for, for a beginner – trainer. Something inexpensive I can crash a few times learning how to fly before I move up to a gamboled camera to 5x my next step up in better quality photos and vid quality. ~ your neighbor.

  6. Great video thanks Nate and Abby!! Lol, I have been actually poking around looking for a video of the Foldable MJX Bugs 4W GPS with Optical Flow. I believe MJX and SJRC got together a little on this….

  7. At that price would it be worth it to up grade the camera with a gimble. Or what was the best price gimble non Wi-Fi drone you tested. 2 years ago I bought the husband black with the gold trip that followed you were you went. Gave it away as a gift looking for a new unit.

  8. Your vid made me a buyer of this one. I live in windmill country so I need one that can hold its own. I know the winds were high but did you find out how high?
    Also great skill in handling the chaos. those are real life conditions. Thanks!

  9. OMG I love how at the 12:35 mark her yapping gets cut out and music starts playing. When he just said she was going to be the narrator. Priceless! Just needed Kevin Hart's voice to start off the music by saying "shut up B#$ch" alright alright alright!!!!

  10. Awesome real life review…i found a awesome zino case…great price on the drone… i also made a zino charge cable for the zino so i can charge it on my hobby grade charger that has li-hv..

  11. Hey guys! I’ve got one of these F11’s on the way and I’ve watched numerous reviews. My main question would be… does the controller have that annoying beep while recording video? Half the reviews I’ve seen have it beeping while the other half does not. I noticed NO beeping on your video. Please advise and I love your channel!

  12. If you can't see that far, set a nearer limit so you can show us what happens when the drone hits "the fence." Great review and Nate needs to be more mindful of Abby's needs. Between Popeye and Amelia, I thought she was gonna have a nervous breakdown and all Nate cared about was Abby filming the descent of the drone LOL

  13. Nice info, and thanks. I was wondering during the distance test,, how much LAG was therre getting 350m out.? with the iphone. Was it better than the B5W ?


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