ILLEGALLY flying a DRONE in Canada


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  1. Marijuana is legal what's going to kill millions of people, that's okay no problem.
    But flying drone for hobby wow that's a huge problem.
    Canada Canada what you thinking.
    Where is the logic???

  2. I looked up the no fly zones in the area I live (western Washington) and up in Canada and basically you can't fly it any where legally. super lame…… We plan to go to whistler and I was hoping to get a few in the air shots not super high up or next to people just to get another angle you know but basically all of whistler, Vancouver and western wa are no fly zones…..

  3. I am a fan, Peter. Keep providing these videos! That being said, I have been a pilot for thirty years or more. Airspace was the domain of trained pilots until recently. Pilots spend hundreds of hours studying for the privilege of operating aircraft in national airspace. Now, someone can buy a drone, unbox it, and launch into that very same airspace. Laws have to be modified to make this a safe transition. Many aviation rules of operation are meant to insure safe separation. These new laws in Canada and the United States are attempting to do just that. Nothing is perfect right away. Here in the United States airplane pilots cannot generally fly below 500 feet in un-congested areas. When they do, it is at an airport. This is just one example. In order to accomplish separation, drone pilots must fly below 400 feet, 100 feet below airplanes, and cannot fly without special permission near airports where airplanes will most definitely be below 400 feet. This is a simple explanation of just one factor. It does, however, make sense. I also fly drones. If we exam the new rules, we will be able to clearly see how the application of new rules is meant to keep everyone safe. Clouds, for instance: I cannot fly any airplane within a certain distance of clouds unless I am on an instrument flight plan. Drone rules are as restrictive as airplane rules. Unless you are on an instrument flight plan with your drone (not possible for now), the drone must remain a certain distance from the clouds. These rules are not arbitrary. My thoughts . . .

  4. In Arkansas we have to get a private pilot certification to fly, if you are using it for business purposes. You can even be fined up to $10,000. And a lot of the laws are the same in the United States.

  5. I guess the rules are there to prosecute you if something bad happens and it is your fault. Not sure if they will aggressively enforce these laws. It will be a bummer if they do.

    But yeah, idiots who fly drones over or near airports destroy the drone user community, and screw everyone else in the process.

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  7. Hi Peter,
    I just saw a new drones-related regulation in Canada and I thought about this video. "Transport Canada announced Wednesday that drone operators will now be required to register their remotely piloted aircraft and obtain pilot certification by next spring."
    Did you know that? Let me know what do you think!

  8. the drone laws in Canada are pathetic. we need people like @peter McKinnon and all drone users to take a stand against this. petitions and protests would help imo. unfortunately the amount of drone owners is small and taking a stand would be difficult.

  9. Here in Egypt basically you need to get a permit from the DOD to own/buy/import a drone let alone flying it anywhere. Guess what, absolutely no body is going to get you any closer to getting the DOD permit.


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