If you want to buy a parrot bebop drone in uk? Think Twice!


for more information about parrot bebop drone please visit www.parrotbebopdronereview.co.uk If you want to buy a parrot bebop drone in the uk then this is for you. Here is my first hand experience…


  1. You must have been really unlucky. I bought mine from parrot affiliated store here in Australia, they have been nothing but spectacular. My first drone had faulty gps and wouldnt lock location, they swapped it for a new one on the spot. A month later, my replacement bebop had a snapped gps cord and motors wouldnt start, they replaced that one for another one too after 2 weeks wait.

  2. Dear Mr.,
    Please excuse us for the malfunction of your Parrot. We are really sorry that you are having problems with the Bebop Drone.
    We want to find a solution with you. Would you mind sharing your Parrot UK hotline case number on digital.team@parrot.com?
    Mr. please once again accept our apologies and rest assured that we will take care of your problem.
    Parrot Digital team

  3. From what I have seen and read about this quad, you need to be a gambling man to buy into this quad. The way the battery is fixed to the machine with a thin Velcro strap, does give a pretty good indication of the low and flawed quality of this machine.


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