IDIOTS STOLE OUR $3,000 DRONE + GOVERNMENT PROPERTY (all caught on camera)


Let us just say, we are NOT taking this lightly. They messed with the wrong family. Idiots. ITS A BRAM NEW DAY RINGTONE: …


  1. yea yeah you guys need to shut the fuck up specially your girlfriend or whatever with the big mouth. she should only open her mouth when i have something to put inside of it

    stop whining and crying because you got outsmarted by thieves. the only person responsible is that dumbass guy who left military shit in the car unattended/unguarded. you got played by thieves who saw your stupidity and jumped at the chance to take advantage of your stupidity. get over it. you won't be able to do shit about it and stop acting like you guys are cartel or something saying "you messed with the wrong family" lmfao who the fuck are you guys? video vloggers? roflmao

    you kids are a fuckin joke

  2. fuck those idiots you dont mess with latinos like that im on your side bramfam and they messed with the wrong family love you guys and yesmi would find there adress instagram account every thing but not alone lovyou guys


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