I Need a Drone Camera with Good Zoom. What Are My Options?


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  1. The lens has internal zoom so reasonable to balance and the camera is the lightest apsc with great 24mp image quality. Control it via the seagull rec. I use this set up. Dont use megazoom bridge cams they are difficult to control a d the sensor cant equal the a5100 with the f4 glass. Better to have great resolution a d better low light.

    Proximity flying cell towers not great idea due to hi em. Had patchy results in UK, thankfully no catastrophic failures.

  2. the seeker 10x hd from foxtech is only $800 with 3axis gimbal , the seeker18x hd with 3 axis gimbal is only $1400, they are fairly heavy (about 600g) so you need a fairly large somewhat heavy lift quad, but a pixhawk based 16-17" prop heavy lift quad can easily be built for less than a $1000 that being said it still comes out much cheaper than most of the options you guys have listed, just sayin.

  3. You guys just confirmed what I was telling my partner we need for flying Cell Phone Towers. I didn't know the Z30 was only 2MP though. I mentioned to my partner we need a fleet of M210's with the Z30 but the Z3 on an Inspire 1 might be a lot more economical so we have some discussions to go over about the the 2 different options of platforms. Thanks for the Vlog about this subject you have helped me back up my research. My partner and other members of the team have tons of telecommunications experience but don't know much about drones, which is where my knowledge becomes valuable for the entire team. Thanks again for all you guys do for the community. Tell Vic that Justin from Pueblo, Co says Hi!


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