An updated look at the HUBSAN X4 H109S. – There is more than meets the eye here with this camera drone. It has more options than you might think. It holds a Gopro, has external monitor capabilities…


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  2. Hi Justin, great videos.. I have watched both videos on this drone, and I am having trouble recording video. My camera works when not plugged into the drone, but when I plug into the drone, my video is corrupted. I read that you have to turn off the camera before turning off the drone…  I tried turning on the drone and than turning on the camera, hitting record on the camera, but when the drone started to fly, the recording stopped. Can you please do a video on how to use the camera, and watch the video. I have tried several times, and I cant get it to record properly from the drone. Thank You !

  3. Hey man you rock!!! Thanks for the detail video on the h109 you gave me a lot of info. I got me the middle Addition and I really like it however I'm hoping the settings you showed will help me fine tune it to my liking. I will let you know how I works. Thanks again and keep those videos rolling. Safe flying!!!

  4. Cal JohnsonHigh-quality review. Thanks for covering Hubsan products. I have a Hubsan X4 H502S and a couple of X4 H107P models. One complaint I have with the latter models is with the failures of the barometer to maintain altitude hold. Would appreciate updates with your experience with this particular feature with the H109S and/or other Hubsan drone models. Thanks again!


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