I burnt out


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  1. It's more than 2 min Tuesdays. It's the evolution of a top bloke that does life. Gimmy what you got Peter, I'm here with my Popcorn whenever you drop a vid. Peace

  2. I love your honesty! The same thing happened to me last year, doing 100 days of portrait. I got burnt out after 40 days because it became a self-induced stress and no longer a creative process. Thank you so much for speaking about this.

  3. I completely agree with you, Peter, performance comes not from pressure, it comes from passion. Hopefully others also could understand, that there is no need to push yourself harder just because it's Tuesday o'clock 🙂

  4. @PeterMcKinnon I'm so glad I found your channel. Very inspiring, educational and grounding. Stay true to you. Thank you for all the work that you do, sharing with us. Stay an Artists!

  5. Despite what you might have thought while filming this, you did teach us a lesson. I didn't click this for no reason – I'm experiencing a massive burnout right now. I've been focusing too much on my services recently, got a lot of clients, worked literally all the time, had no time for content creation, exercise, etc. And, funnily enough, I'm a teacher by profession.

    Thanks so much for the video. For some time I've been struggling with the idea whether I should broaden the range of subjects on my native language channel (directly connected to my business). You helped me give myself the permission to do so. And so we will develop and some of the members of the audience will stay, some will leave and others will come.We will morph and change and that's exactly the way it should be – without forcing anything, cause it's never a long-term solution.

    Big thank you 🙂


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