Hi! If you’re reading this, I’d like to let you know that I now currently upload videos onto a BRAND NEW YouTube Channel called I moved to new Jersey from…


  1. wish I had a drone my family doesn't have a high income when I was in kindergarten my mom sold my bike when I was on training wheels to this day I still cant ride a bike watching his videos makes me feel I have this stuff because even through a screen it feels like your there.

  2. FouseyTUBE I've been looking at you since I was 13 and now im 16 and ever since then I always watched you but I wanted to ask you how did you keep grinding and making your YouTube so popular because I want to be a fellow vlogger but I really can't afford it right now so I wanted to know if you had any tips for me that I can use and if you can can you add me on


  3. I respect how you have worked so hard that you have gotten to a point where you don't need anything else in life. What is even more amazing is that you have worked hard even to began to give away great accessories too. Good job and I really applaud you and I hope you can keep on making the sick videos that you do on all of your different channel. PS – green tea is green tea if it's just green tea.


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