Hubsan Zino App Test & Size Comparison Amazing GPS Drone – TheRcSaylors


Preorder the Hubsan Zino here – In this video we will test the Hubsan Zino App primarily, as well as show you a size comparison to the DJI …


  1. Hi Nate, Amelia and the adorable Popeye. Thanks for reviewing the Zimo. I'm new to drones. I bought 2 Syma X-11C's for my grandson and me last Christmas and I could not get him interested and they just sat in their boxes. I became very interested recently watching some aerial video (drone) clips of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR shot by roger hogan. (That is some gorgeous scenery on the Colo. – N. Mex. state lines, near Chama, CO.) After studying the drone market I became discouraged with the costs of the dji's – an acquaintance had – would you believe several Mavics – including an Inspire. I started learning how to fly with the X-11C (and took the camera out). I am continuing with an X-5C-1 I picked up. Meanwhile Dustin Dunnill got me further interested watching 3 or 4 reviews of the the Xiaomi Mi 4K Drone. That seemed a whole lot of drone for the money. I had not found much competition (price/performance) for the Xiaomi until I saw your reviews of the Zimo. Thanks again, nicely done.

  2. Hi Nate and Abby! Have you guys thought about demoing the Autel Evo? I bought one and it has an awesome camera on it. It flies like a mavic but the camera is better. You can do a few more things with it as well compared to the mavic pro. It comes very close to a 30 minute flight time on each battery. Check it out. This drone looks promising. Im thinking about getting it to give as a gift.

  3. Flight time so so. Video is not really stable but ok. Example is very apparent during follow me, you can see the jittery movement. No adjustment of rates on drone or gimbal which is VERY important. So in my opinion this is just an upgraded gps drone, not really for advanced users but beginners will enjoy it and learn alot. VR feature is my favorite feature they added. Hopefully price will come down. Battery price is decent at least.


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