Hubsan Zino 4K FPV Drone Distance Flight Test Review


This new folding Hubsan drone includes a nice 4K camera with a 3 axis gimbal. It doesn’t have all the capabilities of higher end drones. But at under $400, …


  1. Hello quad copter 101 always excellent videos, my question is nowadays do you recommend this hubsan zino or the fimi a3, I've seen a lot of videos of issues with the zino good comments and bad comments but I'm really confused of which drone should I get could you help me with my doubts please

  2. Thanks for reviewing this I really like this quadcopter does it have return to home if it loses signal I see it comes back a little bit until you regain it but if it goes so far can you get it back somehow

  3. well I can say return to home works well on the Zino ,I thought I lost it I think the wind was to strong and next thing I know it was out of sight and the toilet bowl effect  after a compass cal  I will not be in that much wind again

  4. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM HUBSAN. I pre-ordered the zino then wished to cancel my pre-order (at least a month before it intended to ship). No email response whatsoever. They then sent an email out saying that the zino shipment would be delayed and that if this was unacceptable, the pre-order could be cancelled. I asked again to cancel the pre-order (because I didn't get a reply the first time). I then rang up to confirm the pre-order be cancelled and me refunded. They said they would do it. THEN I GOT AN EMAIL THAT THE ZINO SHIPPED!!! I was away on business and my partner received the package accidentally. I took it back down to the courier to be return-to-sender. Long story short, somehow someone requested the package be destroyed. Now I'm being passed around between the couriers and hubsan AND IT LOOKS LIKE I'M NOT GOING TO GET BACK MY $600 AUD. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. they don't read their emails or respond. IT'S A GARBAGE DRONE ANYWAY. it doesn't even have an ultrasonic sensor. if you don't want to pay for DJI and want good bang for your buck get XIAOMI / FIMI.

  5. nice review! I'm torn between the Hubsan H501A (more in my price range for first time drone buyer) and this sexy looking Zino (and it's range is the big selling point, I want to use a drone to keep watch on livestock). But real important question, could the image tracking be used to follow my dog, rather than a person?

  6. Did you do a follow up to cover the features you weren't able to in this video? I can't find it on your channel.

    Also, I know you're avoiding comparing with the Mavic as they're in very different price ranges. But what about the Spark? How does that compare?


  7. dear Quadcopter101 i have a zino now and i try to take photos but turn out realy bad. how do i change this. also videos get saved with a AA and an AB version. the AB version has realy poor resolution, do you know why this is ?

  8. Something happened that I need to tell everyone. My Hubsan Zino made two perfect flights and in the third he had a blackout in the middle of the flight, fell out of the sky and got lost. The battery was charged and all the calibrations were done. It was night. I was staring at him when I saw his lights go out as I gave the command to fly backwards. He was not far away but even looking for 3 days in a row I could not find it. To make matters worse the flight log was not recorded. I do not know if it was after updating Zino or X-Hubsan, my first log have been deleted and new ones have not been saved.

    In response from Hubsan, I received the following answers:

    "I copy your feeling for the lost and also believe it may crash on the way back home for some reason"

    "Anyway, normally the drone will not turn off by itself during the normal flight, except it run into something and crashed down"

    "Sorry, I do not mean to suspect what you mention in your email, just a little weird"

    If it was not enough the toilet bowl, disconnections, fly aways and wifi problems we now have Zinos falling.of sky. I've seen right here in the group a user who had the same problem with a 501S. That was my first and last Drone from Hubsan.

    Zino is a good drone, I liked him, but if a problem happens, you're screwed.

  9. I have a Hubsan Zino and I notice that when I do my preliminary connection, turning the drone on and powering up the controller and attaching the cord to my phone, a lot of times I have to do the procedure a couple of times before it shows connected.  Is this normal or would you have any suggestions?  Thanks so much.


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