Hubsan X4 H107C Plus Altitude Hold Micro Camera Drone


This micro quadcopter includes a 2MP 720p HD camera, PLUS an altitude hold system which greatly helps in steadying the quadcopter for aerial video.


  1. Yes the h107C+ is a great copter I also love it. I would like to try a little bit larger props on it maybe even three or four blade props I would love some advice on this… seems the engines whine a little more than needed. My next Hubsan will be the larger gps equipped H501S. I bought the 107C+ along with a couple Syma X5C copters, to learn how to fly. The Symas are easier to fly while the Hubsan teaches the finer piloting skills. Hubsan is far better picture and video quality too and a nice heavy feel.

  2. Done, did my research and I was able to get it in fry's electronics with B&H price (Internet match price). Usually battery is half way charge but this one is drain. I'm just waiting for the battery to get charge then go outside and play. I did purchased the WLToys Q323-C as well, I do have SYMA X5C and X8C. Thanks for the effort testing, flying and giving advised. . . . .

  3. I tried a range test for this Hubsan x4 H107C + I put a landmark on my streets and get a help from my cousin I ask him to stay on the other landmark to see if this quad will surpass the landmark that we put, So it pass the landmark and I calculated the distance by using google map (Satellite Version) so the farthest range that I flew so far tonight is over a 68 meters. It's kind hard to see this quad in a long distance. About the Altitude I just flew it for about 13 ft because I dont want this quad to go to the other houses.

  4. So i need a mini drone for my trip in 2 weeks to asia.
    Would this be recommended? or any other mini drone with decent camera i can use for asia?

    I also have a G7X and Gopro for vlogging but want a mini drone to do some landscape view.

    Reason for a mini drone is packing light and not too much.



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