Hubsan X4 Desire / H502S – eeeh Not So Good GPS Camera Drone


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  1. As mentioned by a couple folks here there does seem to be a fix for the vtx by manually setting your channel. Now as an entry level quad i hate to see that anyone would need to do that kind of thing. Again I feel Hubsan is a great brand and have always heard good things.

  2. Hey if you can not stand the H502 I sure would like yo have it!! I will pay postage or shiping fee you will need to get rid of it. Thanks a bunch for your review of this quad, so sorry it is so bad for you. I will give it a happy home!!

  3. I have one of these, never had any of the problems that you have experienced, but I don't fly out of my garage, only in open field. I give mine a 5 star rating out of 5. Mine is really a great little flyer!! Video is really good too!

  4. Hi Quadcopter Roger has the H502e its the same thing. I flew it and it worked pretty good. This one didn't come with that controller.It came with the small play station like controller with the tiny screen. I few it and it seemed to work okay. Was no delay and held position pretty good. I'm wondering if the controller has anything to do with it. I used a sd card for the footage. It be a good kids quad that they stay close and not fly to far 100m maybe. This one here had 18 sat's on it. I would give it away but to a young person who is learning to fly. cool review.

  5. Problems with FPV are usually because the VRX and VTX are not on the same channel. In order to get the VRX and VTX on the same channel you should perform a rebinding process. You can also manually change the VRX frequency by using the TX menu. You need to hold the TX directly ontop of the quad when rebinding or changing VRX frequency. When changing VRX frequency change the channels 1 by 1 waiting a few seconds before going to the next channel. I dont have the 502 but I do have a few 501s and when the FPV gets funky its usually because its not channel matched. Good luck hope you maybe give it a second chance but thank you for your honestly.


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