Hubsan Nano Q4 H002 Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This little nano quadcopter is a very gentle flier for beginners, yet has a camera. Pros – 640 x 480p HD …


  1. I bought one of these. Love it. But the props are delicate. a) Do you know the size of the prop? or b) where I can get a bunch of them…? or ,ore importantly… I want to put 3 bladed props on it. Do you know which ones would fit?

  2. Hey, I enjoy your reviews a lot, but I still don't know which one to buy for my sister. I was hoping you could recommend the best ones out there. I'm looking for a nano drone (palm sized), with it's own controller and as long range and battery life as possible. Others' recommendations are welcomed as well.

  3. 6:41 Hubsan does headless mode direction differently than other quads. It's actually set at time of activation rather than takeoff. After reading that on the message boards about H501, I checked my H502S and indeed it does change headless direction every time you activate. I never use it, but wanted to see if it applied to mine and does. I'm guessing this Hubsan activates similarly. It's an odd method. Good review. Takes nice vid for a small quad.

  4. QC have a question for u? I bought the jj RC 12 and I just got it but, the battery is really hot after i fly it I bought extra batteries for this but they r all hot when I pull them out, is this normal cause my sky viper doest got hotter and it's the same volts 3.7 and my viper fly's fast then the jj RC 12 anyways why is the batteries so hot after i fly them? fresh batteries too when I put them back n also I have a lot more range with the jj RC then the viper

  5. why didn't you change rates? I just released my review of it today as well. Quick press on the right stick changes rates. It's much sportier in high rate. Long press on the right stick takes pics.


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