Hubsan H502E Worlds Cheapest GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This GPS camera quadcopter is currently the least expensive ready to fly commercial drone with GPS and real return to home/landing capability. Find it cheaper here or…


  1. Hi Quadcopter 101. I already have mine just a month ago. The Hubsan H502e is a great drone I would say. One thing that bothers me, is why is it that the recorded video of this drone has NO AUDIO. Nada…I never hear anything when I play the video files came from my sd card. Is there any way to fix this problem? Thanks

  2. I got my Hubsan H502E last week. I was worrying that I get crashes. First thing I did was added springy landing gear. It protected the copter from the few bad falls. I'm not sure what to do at this point. The Hubsan H502E has all the GPS counts(11). It was about 40 feet in the air then it started to wobble and then the toilet bowl effect out of control, down fast. So far it happens each time I go out to fly. 5 crashes so far. Is there an firmware update I can download to fix this problem? I really like this quad-copter. Please help. Thanks.

  3. High Rate will be pushing down on the right stick normal rate would be pushing down on the left stick. You will know you're in a higher rate when you see "expert" on the lower edge of the display.

  4. i looked and didn't see the part about binding. my quadcopter just did not connect. i was ready to buy another one till i saw your video about binding. wow, that was it problem solved case closed. you're amazing which is why i watch your test flights and have bought many quadcopters from banggood and gearbest. awesome reviews.

  5. I would never buy this over the h501s to be honest XD
    Yes it's more expensive but come on! It's worth it just for the brushless engines, and the looks.
    The H501S is like the DeSoto of the sky.

  6. What is the cheapest that can go to a GPS waypoint and then return to home? I mean with built-in GPS, not requiring a connection to your controller or phone. I MEAN AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT. The only thing it needs to communicate with is GPS satellites during the flight.

    I wonder if there is such a drone that does not even have a controller. You would connect it via USB to your PC and tell the onboard GPS where you want it to go, what to do when it gets there, and then return.



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