Hubsan H502E and H502S Drone Comparison Video Review


HUBSAN H502 family are really well known and capable toy grade quadcopters. These have done so well by blending features found in the professional drones …


  1. i have this only only flown once wind appeared on our island day i got this ๐Ÿ™ can this be flown in wind brilliant review totally love your videos but must stop buying drones have 6 now lol

  2. Internally they are identical except the camera on the 502 E has no transmitter. And both of my 502 E and 502 S fly the same
    . I ordered the camera for the 502 S and swapped out the one in the 502 E it was 40 bucks and now I have 2 502S the feature that I wanted was FPV on the 502E, I got it with this mod.
    They are both great toys.
    Oh by the way in the US both 2.4, and 5.8 Ghz are Wifi bands

  3. They are probably both the same speed, but the controller that comes with the H502S has expert mode on by default. The H502E controller has no options, so it will likely be set up to default to the lowest settings.

    You can bind the FPV1 transmitter to the H502E and it should give it the same speed then.

  4. Have you tried or can you put a larger battery onto these quads to increase their flight times? There's alot of videos for range mods but nothing that covers the batteries or flight time.

  5. Hi thank you for this great review. I wanna buy one and Im still considering its difficult to decide
    Could you please help me ?
    Im considering these copters and what is your opinion ?
    Hubsan H502E
    Hubsan H502S
    Hubsan H507A
    KaiDeng PANTONMA K80

  6. How many channels do these come with? I was thinking of getting one for each of my kids and myself so it would need 4 channels for 4 copters. Is this possible. It would be fun for the four of us to fly together.

  7. great video. How are the fly time comparison between the 2?
    I'm guessing S have shorter fly time beacause of FPV signal transmission.
    Could you please verify?


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