Hubsan H501S Follow Me Selfie Drone Accessories Review


The H501S is a great sports action drone, with ability to automatically follow and keep its camera pointed at the user. Find it here …


  1. You really only need to spin the copter around its own axes when calibrating the magnetometer, so no need to get dizzy XD
    Also that little twitch it does from time to time when follow me is activated is apparently a GPS synch glitch between the quad and receiver, it needs to synch to make sure it's looking in the right direction and during that time it pitches backwards and to the left, Hubsan has mumbled something about fixing it with firmware but nothing solid seems to be happening.
    Another bug is what sometimes happens when you turn off GPS stability mode and give it full stick forwards, sometimes it apparently glitches out and starts fluttering around while quickly descending, and the only way to fix it is to re-engage GPS mode.

  2. I had a Honda Element that I drove out to my brothers property, Bacon Strip Ranch out in the Mojave. It did terrific. Nobody should laugh. I did become envious of some Toyota FJs that I saw which seemed to be able to drive faster with less teeth jarring and I own one of those now. Thanks for all of the reviews. Keep 'em coming.

  3. Hey there. H501s is on its way! You mentioned a light stabilised Gimbal would be huge. Do you suppose the Feiyu mini 2 axis Gimbal could do the trick? It's coming in at about 140g and a Firefly 7s is 40g, this seems acceptable to me.

  4. Sorry to ask.. I'm so new to this.. so I got the hubsan… just ordered the gimbal .. and got the watch already… the question is does the RunCam automatically have a transmitter for sending the signal to the watch ??!?

  5. Thank you so much for all the videos… I learned a lot and still learning… for me is a good way to relief my stress…. you great Quadcopter 101…. let me ask you something…. (kind of lazy to look places like the ones you use to fly) I live in Vegas, Nv…. love desert…. are you around here or what part lol, excuse my question , LOVE YOUR VIDEOS…. keep going please… Love the way you laugh ….and the your patience …thanks so much for answered me a lot questions …. Blessings 🙂 …. I'm following you.

  6. Love your review. I just got my advanced (Tx) H501s and it will not record video or photos on either of two new micro SD cards,
    both of which work fine in cameras. Pressing 'ENTER' (video) produces a message "Put throttle down" – big help, pressing 'EXIT' (photo) does nothing. User manual says nothing about SD card specs, but perhaps you know. Does it require like Class 10 or other specific card specs to record? I like the drone, but I really want to record and can't. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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