Hubsan H501S Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review


This small feature rich FPV quadcopter has a follow me mode that makes it the ultimate sport selfie drone. Small enough to be carried just about anywhere via …


  1. copter 101 I love your videos by the way I'm a big fan just want to ask you one question love the latin jazz music that you use at the end of your videos I love that music I would like to have a full version of that music if I can find it.

  2. You guys really need to stop thinking you're connecting to a satellite…It's not technologically possible with that thing…I have the same model…You are interfacing with cell towers…USAF av com ret.

  3. Was this the one that fell from the sky when you was on vacation. I been trying to find that video you made. Could you send me the link. I pick up the hubsan H501S-S and had a fly away and lucky I was able to bring it back with RTH. It was a really weird feeling. I'm scare to put it back on the air. Thank you quadcopter101.

  4. With follow-me mode activated, is the drone still responsive to the sticks? I'm wondering, for example, if you set it up for follow-me mode to say follow you on a hike with the transmitter in a backpack, if inadvertent activation of the sticks would move the drone or even cause a crash!

  5. I've been pleased with the H501S. Both the drone and controller seem to be well made. Unfortunately I've only been able to fly it in my backyard and won't have a better opportunity until the weather warms up. Oh to have the expanse of the desert to fly in. Thanks for the great review.

  6. Quadcopter 101, one more question if I may ? It's very hard to unplug the battery from the transmitter. I can tell that the wires will tear from the battery before too long. Do you have any special way of removing the battery from the transmitter, without pulling the 2 wires loose ?

  7. I think this is a pretty good drone, I've been doing crazy stuff with mine still learning but its fantastic!!! I have some videos up of what I have been doing on my channel.

  8. Hey Q.C., Idk how long it will take to hear from you. I just got my Hubsan x4 h501s a few day's ago. Try as I may, I CANNOT find a way to watch videos from the drone. I know that the sd card slot on the transmitter is useless. Is the sd card slot on the drone itself, the only way to watch videos and stills taken ? Hope to hear from you soon, thx

  9. I was thinking about either this or the hs200d. It'll be my first drone. Anybody have any opinions between these two drones or different drones. I'm open to suggestions. I know nothing about them,lol

  10. Were the wind conditions responsible for the video being so jerky, or is that normal? I was thinking of buying one of these to take to Nepal for a trek. I wanted to take a Mavic but as it could be confiscated I'd rather lose a $200 drone than a $600 unit. But if the footage is going to be so unsteady I'm not sure if it would be worth taking.

  11. Good review. Why don't you like the stick 'being centered'? I've just learnt to fly with a Syma XC51 and am looking to move up, but still want to improve my 'manual' flying skills tho' I'd use the GPS stuff also.

  12. Hi quadcopter 101, i just bought a hubsan h501 x4 standard edition and it wont let me calibrate the drone not even a display of "compass calibration 1" on the screen and the led light just flashes 2 red lights 2 green lights. What could possibly be wrong with it? Im deciding to ship it back to amazon. Im a bit sad coz it's a Christmas present for me


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