Hubsan H501C GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This new version of the popular H501 GPS camera quadcopter is up to $100 cheaper than the H501S version. Yet it still has the same airframe, brushless …


  1. Hello I did the transmitter calibration and now it would rebind to the quadcopter. I tried the transmitter calibration a few times to make sure I got all the outside edges and corners but with the same results the H on the transmitter just keeps flashing.Any idea why it won't rebind.

  2. Hello when my H501C hovers it seems to have a little twitch on the front side any idea what it would be?Is it a motor going or something else. It hovers level but every 5 secs or so it twitches a little any makes for shaky footage.

  3. Another question… I was able to setup, calibrate compass (both 1 and 2), waited for satellite numbers to go beyond 6… BUT… when I try to start it up it just sits there. Propellers don't do anything. I had gotten the H and was requested to calibarate so it is bound to the controller… just nothing when I try to fly it. I pull back both controller knobs but no matter what I do it just sits there with it doing nothing. All the lights are on with none blinking so not sure why it is not flying. Watched your video here several times and everything works until I attempt to actually fly it. Any ideas??

  4. I bought one a week ago on eBay for $125 shipped from NJ and it's a great quad. I bought it primarily for the gps position hold and RTH which works when you've lost sight of it or it flys out of range. They work. The 1080p video is nice too. One thing I haven't figured out is the purpose of the quad in a circle icon. I'm guessing the "H" on the display is for the compass heading? Quadcopter 101's reviews are tops in this hobby. You're "the professor " of drone reviews. I'm a newbie with drones at 71 but am loving them!

  5. So for the 501s you have never lost contact between 100 meters?*..ive watched you and Jay drone since day one of my flights, very particular differences because of the honesty of range,..all fo respect^^ I'm the clone of the two of you guys I beleive…haha/thanks by the way, very informational..#1 at that..but please express will give you the pop..

  6. Hi! What are the rules when you travel via airplane for the lipo batteries? can you take them with you on your backpack or they need to go in the regular luggage? I'm going to PR on vacations and I forgot to do my homework.. I'm taking my Husband 502e desire. with me. thank you for helping me choose this lovely quadcopter.

  7. I run this quad with a 25 – 200mw all in one fpv camera / vtx mounted on the nose of the drone and powered by a seperate 1S lipo attached to the bottom. I have not done extreme long range, but at several hundred feet, I don't see a lot of difference in power levels and the 25mw runs much cooler. I bought a 501S controller and it works great with it. However, another user also provided me with fairly easy mod to tap video and voltage off the standard camera board and feed that to a seperate fpv transmitter as well. When bound with the 501S controller you will gain altitude hold mode, full telemetry display on screen, follow me mode, and fpv reception on the controller screen, if you add the fpv equipment to the quad. If you use the controller fpv receiver you will of course have to find a common frequency and manually set the receiver in the 501S transmitter to it. Once you set that, unless you rebind, it will stay set.


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