Hubsan H107C X4C Mini Drone w/ Camera 2.4Ghz Edition –


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  1. I just purchased this drone the "Hubsan H107C X4C Mini Drone w/ SD Camera"  however the camera seems to be in MACRO mode or something because it is very clear with objects close, such as blades of grass before take off, but everything else even things 10 ft away are blurry. Is there a way to adjust this?  thanks

  2. My manual is vague on some points, like turning off the LEDs. I managed to do it once using a controller command, but I'm not sure how to do it again (it's not in the manual that I have). Any help here?

  3. This base model is very popular and very durable, and comes in a lot of different colors (model numbers). I've crashed mine into the wall many times and it keeps on tickin'. Usually less than $100 and great for beginners like me!

  4. hello, I have trouble turning the thing off and unplugging the charger, in the guide it shows nothing about how to turn it off, is there any easy way to turn it off?

  5. Hey, i ve never had a drone before and i think this drone is awesome for its price! I checked your site and found a very reasonable price, im just wondering what the maximum altitude of this drone(perhaps a house?) is, and do you ship to canada? Thanks


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