HS120D HOLY STONE – The Mini GPS 1080p Camera Drone Review


Holy Stone is one of the few low cost GPS companies that provides support for their drones. You always get good documentation with their drones and some …


  1. I'm a Holy Stone fan. But honestly didn't think much of the advertising of this one. Until… I watched your video. We'll I'm admitting it. Really cool package or should I say designed drone here. I apperceive your video and thumbs up you won me over on this one.

  2. I Believe that that is a Pro Mark Drone every thing I have seen If someone would clone of a Wal-Mart . Mine didn't come with note pad to write angere notes. 3 flight Gone

  3. Well done. Cool little Drone. I think you really hit it on the head with that predictions video at the beginning of the year. Smaller size, GPS, better Camera. They are working to bring things up for a lower price. Have you seen the Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE yet? This thing is every bit as good as the OG Mavic Pro for under 500.00. I saw it and I couldn't believe how good it is. Seems like Xiaomi is trying to step up their game in a big way. Good Day Captain.

  4. Hey Cap!! Would you recommend an indoor/outdoor mini fpv quad setup? If you could buy a setup right now, which would it be. Not to concerned about price point. Just not crazy expensive. Any ideas?


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