How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK


High Society is a new VICE documentary series about drugs in the UK. Weed is the UK’s favourite illegal drug. An estimated half a million people use it for …


  1. 8:18 400,000 LBS? even at 2 lb's a plant which is doing extremely well, that 200,000 plants a year. she said she has 12 week cycle that's 4 cycles a year. so she has 50,000 plants at a time, in 6 rooms, that's 8,333 plants a room, not the 16 that she said she has…even 400,000 oz/year is impossible from 6 rooms of 16 plants w/ 4 cycle a year. that's over 1000 oz's per plant. even 400,000 g/year would take 12,500 plants producing 2 lbs a plant….. HEAVY BULLSHIT CLAIM

  2. Why do people in the UK take so much drugs? Because it's fucking SHIT here.

    Everything is expensive, everything is depressing, taxes are high, wages are low. It's fucking miserable.

    I hate the UK. Would love nothing more than to move to Arizona so I didn't have to look at grey dull horrible skies OR sit stewing in my own juices and be miserable during summer because it's so fucking HUMID! Among many many many other reasons the UK is a sinking shit filled ship.

    God Bless America and God Help the UK.

  3. I got chills down my spine when she said "I don't use them but I know they are there if I want to use them".
    I know what she's talking about and it really is a powerful security blanket for the psyche.

  4. It's not being legalized because our Health Ministers husband has a farm that grows medical and sells it abroad.
    It's not being legalized because our Prime Ministers husband profits from medical cannabis grown in the UK and sold abroad.

    What a big fraud….it already works but they have to keep it criminalized so they can license it and say its different so they can charge £300 a bottle when a £20 plant is the same. (not accurate figures…lol maybe someone can work it out)

  5. Those kids better keep their weed seeking drones away from me. I would have some mad vengeance if anyone did that to me, hope they knocked that shit off and wizened up and either got out of the game or started growing their own plants without stealing them from others.

  6. The kid complaining about it being legalized. He's thinking on the matter all wrong. He's already ahead of the game , has applicable skills, not to mention probably already has networks, for if it were to get legalized and he wanted to go legit. Does he just want to be a thug all his life? He could open a shop.

  7. Some people need to realise why arrests are down yeah policy but cops are off estates they’ve grown up around people family and friends who smoke and they’ve probably done it themselves

  8. Weed would be inhibiting peristaltic action in the gut, right? Much in the same way it reduces tremors in Parkinson's disease. It's not actually healing the person, it's just treating one of the symptoms, like mainstream medicine would.

  9. all these politicians loathe weed, but a lot are perfectly happy with snorting cocaine at their champagne functions. and they love their coke dealers. but lock up the geezer with that stinking plant in bags please.

  10. I had cannabis induced psychosis when I was about 16-17 and it completely fucked me, but I don't have a problem with anyone smoking it I still chill with mates who smoke out all the time.. like black says it just isn't for me


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