How To Vlog


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  1. The gorilla tripod. I have a few questions.
    Does it act as a stabiliser for footage?
    Would you actually genuinely recommend it or is there better out there? Maybe a smaller travel sized tripod or even a stabiliser?
    My camera is the Canon 70D and I find it very heavy -does the gorilla pod help with the weight or just add more?

  2. Dude your such a big inspiration to I'm sure not just me but many other and you show so much humbleness with your achievements man I just restarted my Vlog and listen to your tips

  3. I've watched enough of Casey Neistat's vids that I know what to expect :
    1) The date of the vid, possibly a title, on the background of a time lapse ( of something )
    2) Casey explains what he's gonna do for the day
    3) Shots of him riding around the city; on a car, bicycle or a boosted board
    5) Shots of the city through his drone
    6) ( maybe ) mail time
    7) Casey shares his philosophies or wisdom based on his experiences traveling, being a husband, being a father etc.
    8 )Abrupt ending with possibly a joke or an aversion of a cliche
    And that's Casey Neistat for you.


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