How To Use DJI Phantom/Mavic Course Lock Like A Pro || TUTORIAL By Drone Film Guide


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  1. What drone app are you flying with? I am flying Mavric pro 2. What I find hard is making the drone smoothly and consistently fly the path & distance. Like flying around a tree. staying the same distance to the tree as I go around. Oh and let's not forget the jerky movements.

  2. Hi, thanks for all the tips regarding setting up Course Lock. One question I would ask is would using the center of the grid lines as an aiming sight to set up an accurate line of direction?
    Thanking you for your thoughts on this in advance. Regards Ian.

  3. One thing not mentioned is that a cross wind will effect the flight path with course lock. The a/c will drift off the set course. At least ways, it does on my P3a. Great vid . Thanks

  4. So I was a bit disappointed when I heard that the Mavic Air doesn’t have this feature BUT when I was playing about with the Tap to fly mode, it essentially does the same thing! You can set the course of flight by tapping where to fly and then do your drone flying witchcraft to compose the shot. So cool! Thanks again guys.

  5. So if we set the course lock mode, all we have to do if pushing the drone back and fort on the right stick and camera will automatically rotate to the pre-set direction (in your shot is Elena)?

  6. THAT'S IT STEWART! My answer as a one handed stroke survivor is to master intelligent flight modes! Now to learn how to access intelligent flight modes on my P3 4k

  7. Just learned about course lock and working on it thanks for the tips. Now all I need is Alina to model for me. Lol. I can’t get my dog to stay in one spot long enough to get the shot. Respectfully intend comment re: Alina. Great film tips and your style producing your channel is well edited and keeps me coming back. Thanks

  8. Sorry if someone asked, but is drone shadow just something you have to deal with and is it generally unnoticed by clients if only visible for a few moments..or did you edit those moments out in post before export?


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