How To Use A Multimeter To Test Faulty Components


Learn how to use a multimeter to test components on washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, tumble dryers and all other home and garden electrical …


  1. Thx to the vid and thx to Pizar..
    this was a function i dint know on my cheap cheap multimeter (tough without beep function) and how to do it and also to check if a soldering is solid into an wire and likewise..

    I welcome it an d feature i will appreciate, thx for the informative and straight to the point vid..

  2. Problem.  You also have to check continuity between each different lead to make sure no wires are shorted with another.
    There should be NO continuity between black to green, black to yellow, or green to yellow.  🙂

  3. Good info except. Multimeters are designed to allow for testing on live feeds without issue nor have I ever had a single issue testing live appliances, testing resistance on live feeds while wiring, replacing breakers or installing on live panels, I've even had to test live feeds with a pigtail I had to make on the fly. To be specific  Amps are what usually kill a person not necessarily the voltage, 


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