How to Take KILLER Drone Photos | DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial


We partnered up with DJI to bring you some tips for taking drone photos, featuring our Mavic Pro! Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time. The gear we use:


  1. Nice video, but you just rushed through the part where you set the photo AEB and I can’t seem to find how to got to select how many images you want in the bracket. Please update.

  2. My Mavic Pro Platinum hasn't even come in yet, and I am already stoked from watching this video!! Thanks guys. Absolutely phenomenal shots by you guys. Cant wait to shoot in Colorado

  3. Hey, I‘m Andrin. Freerunner and skiier from Switzerland. I upload some high Quality Videos on my channel. Check out my Stuff and give thumbs up or down with a Feedback. Would really appreciate that! <3

    With kind regards, Andrin

    Nice Vid btw 🙂

  4. dont have one….grrr! maybe one day…just curious not knowing much about drones you mention aspect ratio 4:3??? Maybe i misunderstood what you were trying to say but if its in 4:3 how do you fill the screen if watching on a tv and want to cover the whole screen. Great video by the way.

  5. Have you (or anyone) noticed after taking a video using an intelligent flight mode then going to take a photo that you are back in JPG and can no longer select RAW? I had that happen on my first flight, was very frustrating to have to land and restart again.


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