How to Take EPIC DRONE PHOTOS while Traveling


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  1. Good video … But, so sorry to tell you that the original photo you took was much better than the retouched one! (And believe me if I tell you that taking pictures is much more than just going in a hurry to Mallorca and hire a scooter for going to the hill and not enjoy the great place you passed by.

    I think you make good videos … But far away was the photo. Try to take time and shot properly the photo for not erasing what you think 'disturbs' the 'drama'. In fact may be the cars and the contrast with the downtime roads would have helped you in thinking about a good photo.

    Sorry for such a long comment … But I was a little bit astonished with the destruction you did in Photoshop!!! (Ouch))

    Best regards and really good video that one you did for the MAVIC 2 PRO… Congrats!

  2. Hey do you have any tutorials on how to transfer your drone videos into Instagram without loosing the good quality and resolution of the video? Every time I want to show my drone videos on Instagram it looses the good quality my Spark provides.
    Thanks in advanced!

  3. I have Lightroom for my photos, but it doesn't edit drone video. Are there any programs that you would recommend I could look at. I'm new to all this drone video game, I have a Spark with RC and an IPhone and its a blast. Keep those videos coming.

  4. I travel a few times a year. I am heading to thailand and I want to bring a drone. I looked at bebop 2 but the camera looks really really bad. Can I edit the pics and video to be salvageable? or should I pay the extra money for a mavic air. Mavic air is out of my budget but if the bebop is as bad as everyone said it sounds like I would be wasting my money. Please share your thoughts because I can't find a straight answer. This will be my first real drone btw. Thanks for your help. subscribed.

  5. While I appreciate most of the tips, you contradict your point about finding a unique
    perspective by completely manipulating your original image to something that is not real, you took out an entire road for crying out loud. It seems like so much stuff on instagram is manipulated nowadays.

  6. Hi Jeven. I bought a flying camera a couple of weeks ago, and have only started to flim some video now. Been watching pretty much all your drone vids. There is so much to learn…. These tips are awsome, thank you.

  7. I'm only 2.48 into your film. I live in Mallorca, and all but two drone shots were legal, all others were illegal. You would have encountered a huge fine approx €6000 if caught. Can't wait to see the rest of your film.

  8. Thanks for this video. Although I refuse to use Adobe software so I use different software in processing my photos, it was still very interesting to see what you did and how closely I do some of the same things. And I even got a couple of tips that I didn't realise and will now use. It made me want to get out there and shoot some drone photos instead of DSLR ones. Thanks!


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