How to Take Amazing Photos with a Drone!


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  1. Just ran into this video and honestly you should have waited until you actually knew what you were doing. A lot of terrible advice from starting the drone, to camera and video settings. Your dslr and post knowledge is great, but this will hurt a lot of people that don't know better.

  2. Sorry dude I do apologise but General Public
    Don't listen to this guy in regards to Drone startup it is dangerous and may result in a crash. For a phantom 4 look at the DJI website . There is no excuse for crashing with a phantom or inspire it is 99.95% human error
    As a pro photographer the photographic results on a phantom 4 or Inspire 1 are amazing.

  3. Serge, BH said the following: "I looked into this issue with our price match department, and our buyer said a free battery
    was never included with the Phantom 4 drone. Free batteries were included with specific
    Phantom 3 drones, but not the 4.
    The photographer my have mixed up models but I can assure you we didn't have a free
    extra battery included with the drone. We do have a bundle kit that comes with an extra
    battery available. Again, my apologies."
    -Just to let you know,

  4. OK, I contacted B&H directly – they told me that this "free battery" deal on the Phantom 4 is not available. They said it may have expired from the manufacturer. Too bad, that would have done it for me.

  5. Another great video +Serge Ramelli – thank you. I could not find any B&H deal that gives a free battery, even when I used your link. Did that deal end already? Cheers.

  6. Would you recommend the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, Professional or the Phantom 4? It would be my first drone, and I don't want to spend so much on something that I've never used before.

  7. I've wanted a high end drone for a long time. I'd love to get the DJI, but I'm in a no-fly zone that extends 15 miles around National Airport in Washington, DC. My friend bought a DJI and didn't know about the established no-fly zones. Fortunately for him, he's just outside the circle.

  8. Good afternoon Serge! I'm loving your tutorial videos, keep up the great work! I've taught myself Lightroom thanks to your two courses in Lightroom (Lightroom & Landscape Masterclass), they are so well done and easy to follow! I also own the DJI Phantom (Phantom 3 Professional) and love it! It's a brilliant tool for aerial photography. Do you have any tutorials in Premiere CC detailing how to edit these? My skills in Premiere are only fairly basic. Cheers, John.


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