How to shoot long exposure photos with the DJI Mavic Pro drone


I love shooting long exposure drone photos with my Mavic and Phantoms. You get to see the ocean in new ways with these aerial platforms and long exposure …


  1. you could block the auto focus in your camera when making comments or use it in manual because your distance in relation to the camera did not change while you were sitting and realmete causes an undesired effect that continuous unblocked auto focus, (in the mavic pro ) you can press the green dashed line square and a yellow dot will appear inside it so that your auto focus is blocked;) if you do not want to use it in manual, it is very good explanation of the ND filters and the low exposure, greetings from Argentina, continue that goes very well

  2. Great video. Honest question, I notice many of your photos are taken in positions that would appear to be flying in restricted airspace (including this video, sunset cliffs is in San Diego class B). How are you navigating these restrictions?

  3. as well, he didnt mension this but not sure if the mavic has this but on the dji phantom 4 it has a tripod mode so that will keep it alot more stable in the air when shooting longer exposures 🙂

  4. Hi Flytpath love watching your youtube videos very good i just have started my own youtube channel {RODPIKER} flying my Dji Spark and hope to grow my channel maybe you would consider having a look at them and give any advice on flying and Like / Subscribe/ Share. Look forward to seeing you next videos and learn something about techniques in flying my drone. Hoping to upgrade to Mavic Air or Mavic pro II when it comes out. Maybe you might give me a mention on one of your videos .Thanks for taking the time to read this . Your sincerely RODNEY.

  5. Your videos are fantastic! Since I assume you already have your Part 107, you didn't need to contact KSAN ATC for these shots? I've been studying for my exam since I want to shoot from south Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs, etc.

  6. Can you comment on using a Mavic versus Phantom for photos you intend to print? What are the limitations advantages/drawbacks to one over the other? Thanks! Excellent content!

  7. I just got my Mavic Pro Platinum, just wanted to ask you since you've had these for a while and are doing great stuff, is it normal that my Mavic fan comes on soon after i turn it on, im just leaving it there until i get familiar with the options, so after about a minute or so the fan comes on and it cools down the mavic, but it just pretty much stays on… Is that normal? Im thinking it probably is since when you fly it be cooling it even more through the intake of the air while flying, but just wanted to make sure with someone that knows these drones. Thanks.

  8. Hey, Aldryn! Thanks for the video. I do a lot of long exposure with ND filters with my DSLR. I'm thinking about getting a Mavic and doing the same thing, but I worry the Mavic won't be solid enough while hovering. So things that are stationary, e.g. rocks, buildings, tree trunks, etc. will be blurry. Since you've obviously done this a lot, is the Mavic's hover still enough (almost like a tripod) so only moving objects are blurred? Thanks!


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