How to Setup a Storm Racing Drone CC3D Filght Controller (Firmware v14.10) –


This video demonstrate how to setup Storm Racing Drone Type A with CC3D firmware version 14.10 …


  1. If I buy a drone and it does not come with a remote so I buy a remote what do i do to use that remote on my drone bc this is the only reason I haven't bought a drone yet.

  2. I watched this hoping to see the stabilization settings, uhg that's the hard part. I took screenshots before I updated my firmware and missed one of the stabilization screens does anybody have stabilization settings 3 – Advanced? Thx.

  3. When going through the ESC end point part of the wizard, my ESCs were beeping at random and wouldn't stop.  Every other part of the wizard went fine, and the quad flies fine, but I am concerned about my esc end points.  What was the random beeping, and how can I get them to calibrate properly?

  4. Is there a video (or a version of this video) without the background music and perhaps some narration? It is useful to hear the controller beeps during battery connect and disconnect procedure. Also, are there error codes that correspond to the beep confirmation?

  5. You don't speak about configuration of ESC 12a but i think change timing and frequency is primordial with this motor Emax mt2204 -2300kv or wait the new frimware with oneshot125 support !!


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