How to repair a Bebop Drone Camera Lens (2 methods)


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  1. Maxime ayotte who is better option for camera? Door viewer or the camera lens? I scracth my parrot disco camera and i order the same lens of yours. I replace only the lens in parrot camera right?

  2. Hello Maxime,
    Great tutorial. thanks for that!
    With my bebop 2 power I tried the first method using a Abus door viewer. Unfortunatly the camera it totally out of focus now. Is there a possiblity to adjust the focal length?
    I found out, that there are 2 more smaller lenses in the corpus of the door viewer. Maybe I should use an other, cheaper model. What do you think?

  3. Good to know, thanks. I'm so close to buying one but it's the different video quality videos I'm finding on YouTube. Some look great and others look terrible. Did you upgrade yours to the latest firmware update and did you find an improvement?

  4. I would rather have a smaller field of view but sharper image. I was wondering if the fish eye contributes to the slightly blurry video. Why would the fish eye have anything to do with the stabilization? Isn't that controlerd by software? Thanks


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