How To Price Drone Photography and Video – Did You Consider This?


How Much To Charge For Drone Photography Drone photography is big and understanding how much to charge is important to keep your business profitable.


  1. Those are all good things to consider and I'm sure everyone's answers/prices will vary based on what works for them.

    One thing I'd consider – NOT selling RAW footage to a client for a cheaper price than what you'd edit it for. I know it saves you time by not having to edit and go through the process, but the RAW footage/image is the basis of your business and intellectual property and if they have that, they can do ANYTHING with it to profit over and over again and claim as their own. If they are savvy and you don't have a finite contract, they could turn around and sue you should you then use that footage to promote yourself because they will claim it was theirs to begin with and you didn't license it from them!

    If you sell your RAW footage, hopefully you've made a nice margin on it!


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