HOW TO PLAN | ARMA 3 – Beginners guide to Mission Assessment [Part 1]


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  1. So often we show a lot of action funny moments and so on in ARMA, but for new people who think thats all there is to it not so much.
    There's plenty of discussion about how and why to approach enemy positions from different directions as well as sometimes deciding hey we can't handle this we need to return to base (RTB) and get some different gear or support. In Part 1 we raid a small enemy camp and then assess a new position. You will see us planning our routes and approach on to the objectives.
    In Part 2 you will see me running air support for the guys on the ground and clearing out a town the next morning.

  2. Several people have already asked but I didn't see an answer. Like them I would love you know how this mission was made. Since I play with just a small group of friends I'm always struggling with mission making ideas for a small group that would include me as a player who doesn't wan't to know everything about what's going to happen simply because I made the mission.

  3. What I want to know most is your personal performance settings. I have a 6850K oc to 4.5 and I still can't get above 45 fps most of the time, I am trying to plan ops similar to yours with my group however the fps I encounter is terrible. One guy we play with who has a 7700 claims 60fps all the time however i'm 90% sure that is very inaccurate.

  4. Just as a reference/source on how you can approach a mission this was really good. When I usually, maybe not so much today, play Arma I play with my best mate. Making us a two-man team and that's really a challenge. So it's good to get some small team action as reference for our own missions. Thanks!


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