how to PID tune your drone


This is my current process for tuning. There are lots of different methods out there so find what works best for you but I hope there are some tips in here that help 🙂 Stingy’s video on PID…


  1. I've been getting terrible propwash and jello in my HD cam recently. It's on a wide X frame, not sure if that might be causing problems? Otherwise just down my P gains and up D gains?

  2. loved that uggghhhh wipe transition 😛 I terribly need to buckle down and just try tuning already. Stock BF pids have been plenty great, but I can definitely tell I'm missing out on the crispness. 2:52 OH THANK GOD!! okay, I'm a lot more excited about this PID tuning stuff now. *Pause break to put the lipos on the charger* …fuck Drew, this video is PERFECT!!! Exactly what I needed!!! Even funnier when I first saw this I said "didn't Stingy already do this" which you mention, but your method is exactly what I wanted to do. Sometimes you just need a little reassurance you aren't going to do yourself more harm than good… 6:35 EXACTLY!!!!!! This is the point I get stuck on and just go fly instead. 10:03 whooosh 😛 hehehe 11:10 YES!!! big issue I have, you can actually tune that out!!! OMG <3 okay cool, yeah I've been set to 3 already, nice.12:40 beautiful. exactly what my thoughts were on the matter. But I'm definitely going to spend a half hour messing around. Seems well worth it. 13:51 <3 hmm I think I might just have to build a 6" soon 15:44 I think this is why I was too scared to ever try tuning in the first place. Glad to know it's typical 🙂 19:36 yay adventures!!!

  3. hey everyone. I've been trying to figure this out but i can't seem to. I just built my whoop and I'm loving it, but whenever i move the throttle or even pitch forward, the whoop always yaws to the right. is anyone else having this problem? do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? any help is appreciated, thank you:)

  4. QUESTION::: so if I'm doing a backwards drift and throttle out forward and experience bad sit down prop wash what axis or gain should I work on? So if falling backwards straight and I hit throttle and it prop washes what term should I begin with???

  5. I have been thinking a lot about photography racing drones, and how many photographers should switch to using them instead of exclusively photography type drones for their shots. You comment on flying differently to compensate for some stability issues instead of tuning them out,, I think that a photographer would LOVE to use vibration, throttle torque, etc. As photgraphic effects.

  6. I really wish betaflight and the others had walk through option which basically just asks you key details of your quad, and in turn it enters the best settings for what you have. Size of quad, size/kv of motors, size and pitch of props, type of FC (it should already know this), size of lipos, total weight, how aggressive you fly? etc, etc.. Seems like it could generate much better, if not ideal stock PIDs by doing this.

  7. Hey Drew I built this quad and haven't touched the PIDs it seems to fly fine but I would like to tune my quad but I don't know on what to fix because I don't know on what a lock in quad fells like so what should I do every once in a while there will be prop wash check out my channel to see if you see anything FPV_Wizard the last video I know has prop wash

  8. Love your videos and tutorials! Would love to fly with you some day!
    I have a 5 inch cerberus and having bad oscillations 50-60% throttle and up. It's smooth on lower half of throttle. Running stock pids. Seems to be more apparent with higher pitched props as I'm curently using gatebreakers.

  9. nice video, but the problem is the same with every pid video, you kinda have to "feel" the sticks honestly i can't spot the difference in the videoklips… YOU DO A GREAT JOB OF EXPLAINING, but it's so tricky to see… i doubt there is a better solution until you create the rotor riot PID sim. (damn i should have copyrighted that genius plan!) so a pid sim is now your "little" winter project!!! GOOD LUCK!


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