How To Make $5000/Month Passively With 100% Free Methods (MEGA Beginner Friendly)


I have extended the $1 offer (just go to the URL in the vid) BUT the “8x Offer” is off the table. Attend live next time (hit subscribe and then ding the notification bell …


  1. I tried clicking on one of your most recent videos and was summarily redirected to a female that made a video on the same subject. The thumbnail and the name under it were your's, Alex. It was on Solo bombing. Not sure what the issue was. I had already watched the video I was being redirected to.
    Now, as for this video, I want to make videos of my hikes and also do some photography of unique things I see. I believe that could be used to generate some cash.

  2. Why do I keep getting your annoying add ever so often before watching a youtube video, even though I always down-vote it and you always promise that I'll never get the add again. That is so seriously obnoxious. Every time you start with "I promise you are not going to see this add again" I'm like PLEEEASE let it be true this time. But NO, the frickin add keeps popping up. Arrgghhh!!!! So freaking annoyed already!!!!

  3. You posted an ad on Youtube. Mobile or PC clickable. But Youtube also has cable apps and Playstation apps. Not clickable. So you are paying for an ad that will not work for you.

  4. Funny how I keep seeing an ad that I will never see again, again… and again… and again…….. I’m tired of seeing again this ad that I will never see again.

  5. After seeing the ad that"wouldn't pop up ever again" about ten times I decided to come here and give you a thumbs down. Is it that you were incompetent in "setting it up in AdWords" or whatever you were saying? Or are you full of shit? Either way, it's not convincing me to take financial advice from you..

  6. Hey Alex, I have watched a few of your passive income vids. Each time you talked about doing coaching/mentoring. Here's my thing, I have built a lot of skills in my lifetime but, I don't feel that I'm coach/mentor level on perhaps any of it. So how do I choose what to go with? I'm sure I am not the only one with this dilemma. Also, all my skills are hands on hard labor type things. Any advice on how to figure out what to go with?

  7. hey alex, i'm a new subbie and find your videos to be truly infomational. i'm excited to see if the methods you teach will work for me. if it does, you will be the FIRST to know and be thanked


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