How to Lift Action Cameras with the Syma X8C Drone


The Syma X8C has more than enough lifting power for most action cameras such as GoPro or the SJCAM 4000 Plus shown in this video. Find the Syma X8C here Find the SJ4000+…


  1. first off I just wanted to say I love your channel. you do a great job on the reviews. I'm new to the hobby and I used your reviews of quads to buy my first syma x5c-1, then I got the syma x8w. what I was wanting to see is if you do videos of mods to them like upgrade range, weight reduction, motors ect

  2. dude are you gonna get the new brush-less motor kit for this? its $129 at present so very not worth it as you could prob put together a proper brush-less quad minus the controller of course for way less than $129 and it would have all the options of adding GPS and other stuff in future. if it comes down a LOT i will get it but not for that price


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