How to LEGALLY fly DRONE in TOKYO Japan and AVOID FINES $4500


How to fly a drone in Tokyo Japan and avoid being arrested or fined. Flying drones in Tokyo is illegal and you need to obtain permission from the Japan Ministry …


  1. hello Paolo, I'm living in Mexico, and in this winter I'm going to Japan, exactly in Tokyo, Osaka an Kyoto, I would like to fly mmy DJI Spark. the first step you said to fill the application for, I have to send via email, which email I need to send it?

  2. Hi pablo. Im just about to hike mt. Fuji this coming sept to be exact on 6 sept. Just wondering if i could fly my drone at the peak of Mt. Fuji. Planning to catch a view at the peak, the crater and also for the sunrise. Is it possible? What say you? Thanks in advance. Ohh mine is Mavic Air. Thanks!

    Aisya, Malaysia

  3. your videos are dope and super informative,your drone skills haha was painful to watch,its best to change settings depending on the weather,been flying in japan for 3 years.imagine was too bright lost all the detail :'(

  4. have you sent multiple requests in? Im wondering if i should plan some pretty elaborate shooting times as to collect as much footage as possible if it takes months to get back.. i wonder if a second request will be processed faster?

  5. Hi, I'll be going to Japan 2 months later. Just to confirm whether I should write in all the location that I plan to fly my Mavic Air.
    I will be travelling from Tokyo, Kawaguchi Lake, Osaka, Kobe in 10 days in and out.

  6. hi paolo, thanks for the comprehensive list of things to and not to do. this is very useful information to have when it comes to respecting the japanese aviation law. you deserves all the credits in the world. thanks again.

  7. Hi i am Danny From the netherlands and i want to go too Japan and own a mavic pro too but i am more interested to fly My drone in beautiful nature locations How about that ,Do you have some tips for Me For beautiful nature reserves of nature places. Mine wish is to make beautyful video's with my mavic pro and fly over the Japanse sakura trees Wenn thy go to blossom in springtime . I want to fly over it and make beautyful video's From that . And other beautyful video's From hidden places like beaches , waterfalls, beautyful Valleys en Mountains thats mine intention to make beautiful videos from that is there some rules or laws about that???? . I also have mine own YouTube channel with video's about mine own country the netherlands about beautyful nature locations but Japan is a bigg wish of mine to go there . Greetings Danny damveld From the netherlands.

  8. Hi Paolo! Great video! It explains everything we need to know! Thanks 😀
    Any chance you can give us the direct link where we can find the things to copy and paste if we have a Mavic Pro?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  9. Thx for the great video. May I ask a few questions?
    Does this permit have expire time?
    Do you need to register your drone at any organization in order to fly it with this permit?

  10. Someone people forget that there are huge drones available in the market and such precaution is necessary to avoid accidents. Imagine 1.5 kg drone falling in you head :p

  11. I'm willing to go through the application process, but can you suggest areas to put in the application? Are public parks a permanent no fly zone or can we apply for this permit to allow us flying in the parks? Thanks in advance!

  12. This is an awesome video! I thought drone flying is completely banned in Tokyo! It's good to know that you've successfully flown legally and paved the path for everyone else like myself who plan to fly in the future! Now you've got me excited man, thank you and a very Happy New Year to you Paolo!


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