How to import Drone in India? Get Drones to India without custom hassle


Qts Answered: 1. How to import drones in India? How to bring drones to India? 2. Can parts of Drone be imported to India? 3. How to carry drone outside India …


  1. Hi, I live in Australia. I bought a toy drone (450gm weight) here and I would like to bring it to India as I come for 1 month vacation. I will bring back the drone to Australia when I return. Is it possible to bring it to India ?

  2. HI Musafir, I am an Indian, living in Belgium , bought a DJI spark in Belgium , unboxed it, flew it for sometime, will i be able to bring it to India in Hand baggage for a month and travel back to Belgium.

  3. Hi sir
    Iam purchase a mini Drone with camera model number is S9HW mini drone with camera.

    AliExpress tracking message.

    (India, CHENNAI (MADARS) AIR, Record item customs information (Inb), Air, CHENNAI CUSTOMS (FGN AIR COMPLEX), Retention Reason : Retained by customs for unspecified reason
    Pls help me sir.

  4. Hi brother i`m very glad i have seen this video thanks much for the info, i need a little help, i had ordered a MJX Bugs 3 drone Quad copter for my sons 16 birthday, it never reached me even after the due date mentioned now after tracking i`v got to know it is in the Mumbai customs, and after watching your video have my doubts if i will even get the Drone or my money back, the price of the drone is either ways not that expensive, i wouldn't mind paying 40 to 50% customs if i have to, but i don't know what to do, i don't mind at least waiting or trying, was wondering if you could help me on this, any info would do, a big thanks once again in advance, cheers bro.

  5. Hello My freind is getting me a syma x5sw from the usa in the packaged box in a bag,and it fits in the carrier.Can I get it.Cause other people in the comments told that they got a mavicpro without any problem and this syma is a smaller drone
    Pledge help

  6. Sir i have ordered a drone from light in box INR 3000 nd i will be shipping it to Nepal and then will ask my relatives to ship it here in kolkata will i face any kind of issues: custom nd stuffs?please let me know


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