How to get FPV DRONE RACING for under $300! Parts +Full setup.


How to get into drone racing for under $300. A complete guide on what to buy? How to set it up? and how to get drone FPV racing with the best gear you can get …


  1. As a cautious person getting into this hobby. I have looked for flaws in this build in lots of forums and comments. I cant find anything better then this. thank you for such a great bang for buck build.

  2. BE ADVISED!! I ordered most of the listed items in this video from two weeks ago. The items are still in China somewhere. The tracking system is poor and the time it takes to receive an item. I'm not sure why you would sponsor this website but you shouldn't.

  3. Just bought this package and was wondering what's the best battery upgrade you would recommend for the quad? Great channel. Very informative and entertaining. thanks in advance.

  4. Love your videos man!!!! I just got into quads a few weeks ago just mainly los flying and I really want to jump into fpv…. this vid explained it all. I'm in the middle of building a fpv F36 micro but now you have me wanting the 220!

  5. Just purchased it 🙂 My son and I am looking forward to getting in to drones. I know you get a ton of questions, but even so i'll take my chances 🙂
    – Is there a plug and program for the Flysky radio so that we can practice on the PC.
    – And last a easy device for recording the ton's of crashes we will have 🙂

    Hope to hear from you, but anyways thanks for the recommendations and have a nice day.


  6. I have a Phantom 3 pro RN and i wanna get in to racing, can i buy Some sort of a receiver for the phantoms controller and put in the wizard instead to save Some money and to have a great controller?

  7. Hi everyone! I watched a drone racin about a year and today i made my decision and order one you recommend from banggood. I hope i can handle it cuz im rather newbie and never fly a drone before. Thx for all advices and informations I gather here, it's a great YT channel and i hope it becomes even better. Keep up with good work!
    (sry for my english if whoever was offended)

  8. Hey man, really enjoying your videos today (first time seeing them!). I started with your $99 build and then looked at your cheap fpv goggles review. Would I be able to mix those into this so as to make the cost even less? I'm looking closer to $200 but don't know if that will really get me the equipment I need for this. **note, I will only be just starting in this hobby. I really enjoy drones and have a nano drone (non fpv) but LOVE watching DRL and clips on Youtube. Thanks in advance for the info!


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