How to fly your drone over water | DJI PHANTOM


How to avoid crashing into the water with your DJI Phantom ( drone is the topic of this episode. If you stick with my rules, you should be …


  1. Damage from salt water intrusion is PERMANENT, especially when electronics are powered. Period. There will be instances when electronics temporarily function after rinsing with distilled water and spraying with contact solvent cleaners. The key word is temporary. Damage is PERMANENT.

  2. birds fly in fixed wing mode – sharp turns to left or right or lift up or down throws them off and disorientates them – also the blades do damage if they wont take the hint – its up to them to strike but they need to learn it hurts if they do

  3. thx for the good tutorial and your sense of humor. I emailed DJI on this issue and this is what they said .. "Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support,

    I do understand how you feel, Since you want to fly the drone above the water the recommended height is 10 meters
    because if you try flying it below 10 meters it might affect the downward and vision systems of the aircraft and might lead
    to crashed which we do not want to happen.

    I do hope this will help

    Best Regards,


    Tom , have you found that above 10 metres it is not necessary to disable the downward vision system ?

  4. Question for you Tom, I was flying my drone over a reservoir yesterday, now mind you I didn't have the positioning sensor shut off I had calibrated the quad on the Dji app but not the Litchi app, I had shut off the Dji app and use the Litchi app because the Dji app was restricting me so I used the Litchi app at about a quarter mile out over the water and about 60 feet altitude when I decide to turn the quad around and flying it back to the bank the aircraft started spinning wildly and very fast for about 8 or so seconds. I was able to get it back under control and recover it but do you have any idea why it would do this. I have had my Phantom 3 pro for a couple of years now and this is the first time this has happened.


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