How-to Fly FPV Quadcopter/Drone // Beginner: Lesson 6 // Rolls


Hey guys, in this video Jack will teach you the basics of Rolling your quadcopter! — New to FPV? Start here: …


  1. when i do a flip i can not take out the throttel completley because the quad will not allow for any more input the motors baisicly do not spin and i can not control the quad, i always need to leave some throttel to align with the horizon but this almost crashes my quad on the way down , what to do?
    And tody i fimally recieved a 4s lipo but flying with it is terryfing i almost shit my pants but the real problem is that it skyrockets at only 50% throttel so when it is way up i let go of the throttel and it falls like a rock,(im in atitute mode cc3d/libre pilot) the problem is that when i try to catch it back up so it does net crash, i give just a littl bit throttel but this is enought to make it fly like 5 m of it current position to the side till the qutolevel levels it, i flew into my house while testing it tody almost broke the window. what can i do to get a more smooth throttel down at the low rpm and can u make a video on freefalling or something ?


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